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Weaving Products & Accessories: Majacraft: Weaving Looms: Dynamic Heddle Looms
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Circular Looms

Dynamic Heddle LoomsThis innovative loom's reed segments are laser cut in different dent sizes, making it possible to weave with a set of the same reeds or mix them up, moving them around or even shuffling them in and out of the heddle during weaving.

Rare earth magnets secure the heddle in place and the loom supports double heddle weaving.

A warping frame is integrated for indirect warping that can create a warp up to 4m long. There is a tool included with the loom for fast indirect warping.

The loom folds in half for portability and its warp pegs can be used to mount it comfortably on a table, a stand will also be available.

Using the Dynamic Heddle Weaving Loom (4.32 MB)

Dynamic Heddle Looms - Products
Code Description Our Price view cart
MJLMDH4 Dynamic Heddle Loom - 24inch 4dpi $580.00 buy now
MJLMDHM Dynamic Heddle Loom - 24inch Mix $580.00 buy now

Dynamic Heddle Looms - Accessories
Code Description Our Price view cart
MJCUSTRSEG Custom Reed Segment $11.00 buy now
MJCUSTRSET Custom Reed Set $97.50 buy now
MJLMCBAG Loom Carry Bag $150.00 buy now
MJLMCHOOK Combo Hook $28.50 buy now
MJLMDHWM Double Heddle Weaving Mount $37.00 buy now
MJLMDWBLK Direct Warping Block $20.50 buy now
MJLMHDL Heddle $69.50 buy now
MJLMRSEG01D Reed Segment - 1 Dent $6.50 buy now
MJLMRSEG02D Reed Segment - 2 Dent $7.00 buy now
MJLMRSEG04D Reed Segment - 4 Dent $7.50 buy now
MJLMRSEG05D Reed Segment - 5 Dent $7.50 buy now
MJLMRSEG06D Reed Segment - 6 Dent $8.50 buy now
MJLMRSEG08D Reed Segment - 8 Dent $9.00 buy now
MJLMRSEG10D Reed Segment - 10 Dent $11.00 buy now
MJLMRSET01D Reed Set - 1 Dent $51.00 buy now
MJLMRSET02D Reed Set - 2 Dent $54.50 buy now
MJLMRSET04D Reed Set - 4 Dent $59.00 buy now
MJLMRSET05D Reed Set - 5 Dent $59.00 buy now
MJLMRSET06D Reed Set - 6 Dent $63.00 buy now
MJLMRSET08D Reed Set - 8 Dent $76.50 buy now
MJLMRSET10D Reed Set - 10 Dent $91.50 buy now
MJLMSHTL Shuttle - 240mm $34.50 buy now
MJLMSTND Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Stand $205.00 buy now
MJLMWPEG Warping Peg $7.50 buy now
MJLMWPEGS Warping Peg Set (5) $31.00 buy now
M_SP_CMB_CLMP Majacraft Bench Clamp $26.00 buy now

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