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Fibre Products: Fibre for Spinning, Weaving & Felting: Merino & Alpaca Blended Sliver

Sumptuous, soft and luxurious blend of 30% Alpaca and 70% Merino. 21.5 micron baby alpaca blended with our fine 22 micron merino. Available in 7 heather colourways and white.

Available in 1kg (2.2lbs) bumps or in 100gm (3Żoz) bags. Perfect for all your fibre crafts.

Merino & Alpaca Blended Sliver - Products
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
AMFR Frost 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMFR100 Frost 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMGR Granite 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMGR100 Granite 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMMO Moss 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMMO100 Moss 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMPR Primrose 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMPR100 Primrose 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMRB Rowan Berry 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMRB100 Rowan Berry 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMRH Rosehip 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMRH100 Rosehip 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMSM Seamist 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMSM100 Seamist 100gm $13.40 buy now
AMTH Thistle 1kg $109.50 buy now
AMTH100 Thistle 100gm $13.40 buy now