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Inactive products category: Opal Yarn
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Knit this amazing yarn and watch as it produces an instant pattern! Each 100-gram ball is made up of 75% superwash wool and 25% polyamid with approx. 465 yards which makes 1 pair of adults socks. Patterns available for hats, gloves, baby jerseys and mittens - please enquire by email (opens our contact form in a new window).

Opal Yarn - Products
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
OPAL2490 Opal Memory Yarn 2490. $16.99 buy now
OPAL2493 Opal Memory Yarn 2493. $16.99 out of stock
OPAL2495 Opal Memory Yarn 2495. $16.99 buy now
OSY2820 Opal Street Art Yarn 2820. $16.99 out of stock
OSY2821 Opal Street Art Yarn 2821. $16.99 buy now
OSY2823 Opal Street Art Yarn 2823. $16.99 buy now
OSY2824 Opal Street Art Yarn 2824. $16.99 buy now

Opal Yarn - Accessories
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
AYP018   Opal Yarn Pattern - Baby Jersey $8.80 buy now
AYP019   Opal Yarn Pattern - Great Sock Collection $8.80 buy now
AYP020   Opal Yarn Pattern - Gloves $8.80 buy now
AYP021   Opal Yarn Pattern - Mittens $8.80 buy now
AYP022   Opal Yarn Pattern - Pixie Hat $8.80 buy now