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Carding Products & Accessories: : Ashford Carding Equipment
  New Zealand made Ashford carding equipment and accessories.

Ashford Carding Equipment - Products
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
ADCC Ashford Drum Carder Coarse - 36 PPSI $560.00 buy now
ADCF Ashford Drum Carder Fine - 72 PPSI $580.00 buy now
ADCF30 Ashford Drum Carder Wide - 72 PPSI $670.00 buy now
ADCSF Ashford Drum Carder Super Fine - 120 PPSI $605.00 buy now
BB Ashford Blending Board $185.00 buy now
FC Flick Card 72 PPSI Cloth - long handle $25.00 buy now
HCL Handcarders 72 PPSI $67.50 buy now
HCLC Handcarders 108 PPSI $72.00 buy now
HCLS Handcarders Student 72 PPSI $82.50 buy now
HCMC Handcarders Mini 108 PPSI $77.50 buy now
HCMS Handcarders Mini 72 PPSI $66.50 buy now
WDC Ashford Wild Drum Carder - 72 PPSI $525.00 buy now

Ashford Carding Equipment - Accessories
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
ADCPB Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush Kit $72.00 buy now
AWL   Awl - for Drum Carder $23.50 buy now
BBB   Blending Board Brush $32.50 buy now
CLAMP   Clamps for Drum Carder - set of 2 $16.50 buy now
DBDC   Drive Band for Regular & Wild Drum Carder - 976 x 6mm Polycord $18.25 buy now
DCCB   Drum Carder Cleaning Brush Lacquered $32.00 buy now