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Weaving Products & Accessories: Ashford: Weaving Looms: Table Looms
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Table LoomsThe Ashford Table Loom's revolutionary design offers lots of possibilities with even 4 harness weaving. It's a versatile loom that completely folds up. The 4 & 8 harness 16" loom fits into a suitcase for easy portablilty.

Features an overhead beater system (ensures you will always beat evenly), stretch cords that automatically return the beater to a position back against the castle and a large working area and a lacquer finish.

Includes stainless steel 10 dpi (40/10cm) reed, Texsolv heddles, 2 shuttles, threading hooks and weaving & warping instruction book.

Looms are ready to assemble, assembled prices available on request.

Table Looms - Products
Code Description Our Price view cart
ES410N Table Loom 8 shaft 41cm/16" $805.00 buy now
ES610N Table Loom 8 shaft 61cm/24" $857.00 buy now
ES800N Table Loom 8 shaft 80cm/32" $925.00 buy now
FS410N Table Loom 4 shaft 41cm/16" $745.00 buy now
FS610N Table Loom 4 shaft 61cm/24" $810.00 buy now
FS800N Table Loom 4 shaft 80cm/32" $857.00 buy now
SS610N Table Loom 16 shaft 61cm/24" $1,475.00 buy now

Table Looms - Accessories
Code Description Our Price view cart
CS410 Cross/Warp Sticks for Table Loom 40cm/16" - with holes $10.50 buy now
CS610 Cross/Warp Sticks for Table Loom 60cm/24" - with holes $11.50 buy now
CS800 Cross/Warp Sticks for Table Loom 80cm/32" - with holes $12.50 buy now
LSSS610 Loom Stand Kit 60cm/24" 16 Shaft $470.00 buy now
LSTK4 Loom Stand & Treadle Kit 40cm/16" $477.50 buy now
LSTK6 Loom Stand & Treadle Kit 60cm/24" $487.50 buy now
LSTK8 Loom Stand & Treadle Kit 80cm/32" $497.50 buy now
P4L4 Plus 4 Later Kit 40cm/16" $215.00 buy now
P4L6 Plus 4 Later Kit 60cm/24" $255.00 out of stock
P4L8 Plus 4 Later Kit 80cm/32" $275.00 buy now
RK4 Raddle Kit 40cm / 16" -pins at 1/2" spacings $62.50 buy now
RK6 Raddle 60cm/24" - pegs 25mm spacing $75.50 buy now
RK8 Raddle 80cm/32" - pegs 25mm spacing $82.50 buy now
SBB4 Second Back Beam 40cm/16" $112.50 buy now
SBB6 Second Back Beam 60cm/24" $119.50 buy now
SBB8 Second Back Beam 80cm/32" $122.50 buy now
TLBCP Table Loom Bungy Cord per pair $3.75 buy now

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