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Spinning Wheels & Accessories: Majacraft: Spinning Accessories

Spinning Accessories - Products
Code Description Our Price view cart
MJAHACKLE1 Hackle - 1 row $229.00 buy now
MJAHACKLE2 Hackle - 2 row $272.00 buy now
MJAKEY2MM Allen Key - 2mm $3.00 buy now
MJAKEY4MM Allen Key - 4mm $3.50 buy now
MJBBS Baby Bobbin Kit: 2 baby bobbins, 1 lace fine flyer $160.00 buy now
MJBBX Majacraft Box of 8 Bobbins $191.00 buy now
MJBCB A Chameleon Braid Book $22.50 buy now
MJBOBROD Majacraft Bobbin Rod (Brass) $10.00 buy now
MJBP Majacraft Standard Bobbin $28.00 buy now
MJBPpink Majacraft Standard Bobbin - Pink $33.00 buy now
MJBPpurple Majacraft Standard Bobbin - Purple $33.00 buy now
MJBWB Majacraft Wood Bobbin - Baby $46.00 buy now
MJBWJ Majacraft Wood Bobbin - Jumbo $57.00 buy now
MJBWL Majacraft Wood Bobbin - Lace $53.00 buy now
MJBWO Majacraft Wood Bobbin - Overdrive $67.00 buy now
MJBWP Majacraft Wood Bobbin - Standard $52.00 buy now
MJBWS Majacraft Wood Bobbin - Stylus $45.00 buy now
MJCCBLOCK Comb Clamping Block $23.50 buy now
MJDB2MM 2mm Drive Band (Priced per Metre) $13.00 buy now
MJDB4MM 4mm Drive Band (Priced per Metre) $17.50 buy now
MJDB8MM 8mm Drive Band (Priced per Metre) $34.00 buy now
MJDIZ Diz $32.00 buy now
MJDOMENUT Dome Nut M8 $3.00 buy now
MJDSHAFT Drive Shaft $22.50 buy now
MJEH06 Ceramic6 Hook - 6mm $12.00 buy now
MJEH10 Ceramic10 Hook - 10mm $13.00 buy now
MJEH23 Ceramic23 Hook - 23mm $17.00 buy now
MJES E System - R120-C06 $60.00 buy now
MJFH06 Flyer Hook - 6mm 'Fine' $5.50 buy now
MJFH08 Flyer Hook - 8mm 'Standard' $6.00 buy now
MJFH12 Flyer Hook - 12mm 'Plying' $7.00 buy now
MJFH24 Flyer Hook - 24mm 'Jumbo' $8.50 buy now
MJFLDSTL Folding Stool $150.00 out of stock
MJFLYLE Flyer - Lace E-Flyer R90-C06 $78.00 buy now
MJFLYPD Flyer - Plying D145 $57.00 buy now
MJFLYSD Flyer - Standard Delta D120 $55.00 buy now
MJFLYSE Flyer - Standard E-Flyer R120-C06 $80.00 buy now
MJFLYSF Flyer - Standard Fine R120 $67.00 buy now
MJHINGE Hinge (Stainless) $5.50 buy now
MJHKNOB Handle Knob $22.00 buy now
MJHSH High Speed Head $235.00 buy now
MJHSPUL High Speed Pulley Set $26.00 buy now
MJHYGB Hook Yarn Guide (Brass) $2.00 buy now
MJHYGS Hook Yarn Guide (Stainless) $2.50 buy now
MJLAVWAX Lavender Wax - 15 grams $8.00 buy now
MJLAVWAXL Lavender Wax - 125 grams $19.00 buy now
MJLKE Lace Kit: 2 Lace Bobbins, 1 Lace E Flyer, 1 Fast Whorl $190.00 buy now
MJLKJ Lazy Kate - Universal Tensioned $124.00 buy now
MJLKOT Lazy Kate - Overdrive Tensioned $144.00 buy now
MJLKT Lazy Kate - Travelling $48.00 buy now
MJLKYG Lazy Kate Yarn Guide $7.00 buy now
MJLOCCOL Locking Collar (Brass) $9.00 buy now
MJLSPUL Low Speed Pulley Set $36.00 buy now
MJNN Dolphin Niddy Noddy $49.00 buy now
MJPOLYCJ Polycord Conrod Joiner $4.00 buy now
MJPS Plying Kit: 1 plying bobbin and 1 plying flyer $95.50 buy now
MJPULLEYm Pulley for Millie $20.50 buy now
MJRFOOT Rubber Foot $2.50 buy now
MJSKEINF Free Standling Skeiner $205.00 buy now
MJSKEINW Wheel Skeiner $111.00 buy now
MJSPMAY Mayan Spindle $31.50 buy now
MJSPTURK3 Turkish Spindle Set (15, 20 & 30gm) $63.00 buy now
MJSS2 Stylus Kit 2: 1 stylus, 2 stylus bobbins. $120.00 buy now
MJSW Low Speed Whorl Set: 1 Rose Whorl, 12mm Plying Flyer Hook, 2mm Allen Key $31.00 buy now
MJTCORD Tension Cord (Priced per Metre) $3.50 buy now
MJTKNOB Tension Knob $20.50 buy now
MJTM Tape Measure $40.00 buy now
MJTR Trundler $105.00 buy now
MJTSPRING Tension Spring - standard $7.00 buy now
MJWFLYR Flyer - Wild CG145-C23 $88.00 buy now
MJWFLYRS Wild Flyer Kit: 1 wild flyer, 1 plying bobbin $127.00 buy now
MJYG Majacraft Yarn Guage $14.00 buy now

Spinning Accessories - Accessories
Code Description Our Price view cart
MJBASEs Spare Base for Suzie $221.00
MJBOBSTs Bobbin Storage Bar for Suzie $27.00
MJCNRDp Spare Conrod for Pioneer $19.00 buy now
MJCRYBsa Carry Bag for Suzie Alpaca $178.00 buy now
MJDRVWsa Spare Drive Wheel for Suzie Professional Alpaca $208.50 buy now
MJFSPNDgm Spare Flyer Spindle for Little Gem $15.50 buy now
MJFSPNDrs Spare Flyer Spindle for Rose $14.50 buy now
MJHNDLs Spare Handle for Suzie $110.00 buy now
MJMIDB Spare Drive Band for Millie $17.50 buy now
MJPEDALrs Spare Pedal for Rose/Suzie $44.00 buy now
MJSPHDau Spinning Head for Aura (complete) $290.00 buy now
MJSPHDrs Spinning Head for Rose/Suzie $195.00 buy now
M_SP_SHF_FLGM Flyer Shaft - Gem/Pioneer $17.00 out of stock
M_SP_SHF_FLSU Flyer Shaft - Rose/Suzie $16.50 out of stock